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Simply register or log in to Online Member Services to use Flex-eClaim. This intuitive system gives feedback on the status of your claim and remembers the providers you’ve used before.

Our FastBack service deposits your benefits into your back account within two business days of your claim being approved.

Three easy steps

Simply upload a photo of your itemised account. Then fill in the details and submit.

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Claim instantly with HICAPS

Claim instantly and only pay the difference between your benefit amount and the full cost of the treatment with HICAPS.

Simply swipe your GU Health Member Card through a HICAPS terminal post treatment. This is subject to individual limits and HICAPS availability.

Receive your benefit payments faster with FastBack

Provide your bank account details online to receive benefit payments directly into your bank account with FastBack. Register or log in to Online Member Services for this service.

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