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We're updating our gap network

The GU Health Medical Gap Network is our recently renamed specialist network for keeping your out of pocket expenses down. While we update our network, you can use Whitecoat to find a health professional such as a dentist, physio or obstetrician near you.

What is Whitecoat?

Whitecoat is Australia's most comprehensive online health care provider directory and customer review website, giving you the ability to find trusted healthcare professionals and book your appointments online. Find out more about Whitecoat.

Check with your specialist

We anticipate most providers will continue to participate in the GU Health Medical Gap Network on the same basis as they participated in our previous scheme, but be sure you confirm this with them.

Use Whitecoat to find a healthcare provider

Whitecoat shows you a range of healthcare professionals in your area, regardless of their involvement in our medical gap network.

Find a hospital

Use our partner private hospitals list to find a hospital that have an agreement with GU Health.

Using a private partner hospital may reduce out-of-pocket costs and could ensure you’re 100 per cent covered for accommodation and other services when you go to hospital (depending on level of cover, not including excess).